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© Jim Marshall Photography LLC


Jack Daniel’s, Jim Marshall Photography LLC and Austin City Limits Live are celebrating the 9th anniversary of the “Jack + Jim” Gallery, the longest continuing exhibition of works from the archive of legendary photographer Jim Marshall. 2020 marks ten years since Jim Marshall passed away. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey came into existence in 1866, less than thirty years after the birth of photography. From its inception, Jack Daniel’s has represented the best of American craftsmanship and taste and continues to inspire artists of all forms.  Like Jack Daniel, Jim Marshall stands at the pinnacle of his field. Widely acknowledged as the godfather of music photography, Marshall’s 50-year career resulted in over 500 album covers, numerous magazine features and countless iconic images spanning blues, jazz, country, and the explosion of rock and roll. As a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News put it, “It’s almost as if Jim Marshall was on the shoulder of God when rock & roll was born.

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© Jim Marshall Photography LLC


    Through these images of the counter-culture scene and the Black Musicians of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Marshall’s photographs capture the incredible depth and emotions these musicians felt and sang about. His was an abrasive but honest approach, combined with an incredible skill to build trust, that gave him exceptional access to his subjects and allowed him to expand his portfolio documenting history across the ages.

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